Hospital suitcase list

Well here I am, the heat of the summer and 35 weeks pregnant. I have no shortage of things to spend my time on. In fact I feel guilty when I am not getting everything done. But somehow in the midst of my exhaustion from chasing my 5 and 2-year-old around and the pain of pregnancy complications, I am definitely entering the final boost of energy pregnancy stage so frequently called “nesting.” Between working a budget, writing a menu and grocery list that will last me half the month, and finding a homeschool curriculum for my soon to be kindergartener, I find myself happily distracted by plans for the baby and my freakish desire to have everything perfectly organized.

There in a place of complete control I allow myself as much creativity as necessary to turn mundane items and events into a chance at spell bounding beauty. Unfortunately, our three little girls will have to be sharing a very small room in our little two-bedroom apartment until our big home-buying event projected for this time next year. I could let this tight squeeze get me depressed, I have before, and after all we will have to secretly get rid of some of their stuff, hopefully to storage. But I have decidedly planned to make the best of it by redecorating with the most inspired interior decorating ideas possible. Anyways, the kid’s room is a whole other story.

For now, I will fill my hospital suitcase as though I where going on vacation. It seems a little ridiculous for a woman to be happily day dreaming about her time away at the hospital, going through what very well could be the worst pain of her life with labor and delivery and definitely appearing more deformed than ever before. Yet here I am obsessing over my little “get away” as though I were headed to a spa resort. And heck, who can blame me? Silence other than the beeping machines, no need to immediately run to a screaming tumble of tangled fighting children, and my favorite: eating without cooking! I know, I know the food sucks but like I said, I won’t be making it so I’m happy.

Even if it does get miserable at the hospital and God-forbid something goes less than planned with the delivery, there is nothing better than some new stuff washed in my favorite smelling fabric softener to provide comfort. 

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