The “Tangled” party (results of previously posted projects)

I got in and decorated before the birthday girl saw most of this stuff so it was all a surprise to her. This was the big moment of her seeing it all put together.


This is how the banner and a few of the tissue balls turned out all put together at the buffet table. I also had a long braid of yellow yarn wrapped around the serving dishes.

In the movie “Tangled” Rapunzel paints this mural above her fireplace. (It is her dream to see the “floating lights” for her birthday.) So I know I went a little over-the-top here, but because it was such a fun and easy image, I made my own version on a large canvas that I had already gotten over another painting that I had already started and didn’t much like.


This is how ours looked. I think darker curtains would have been a better idea, but I didn’t really want to spend any money and we already had these ones.

Here is how the hanging tissue balls and the tissue ball center pieces turned out.

Ellie often tells her dad that when she grows up she wants to marry a man who sounds and looks just like Flynn Rider. She was thrilled to see his face all over the place!

I set up a fun gift-table that had some things to keep the kids busy at first. Hair-clips with yellow braids, and name tags for the girls to decorate with stickers where among the party favors.

We had a great meal of sloppy joes, chips and apple slices, perfect for the kids.

I made the birthday cake by layering certain parts of Rapunzel’s tower to add dimension. Then for a final touch I cut out a little picture of Rapunzel and put it in the window.

I also made some small cupcakes and baked them in ice-cream cones. I thought they would make perfect little “tower” shapes. I let the kids frost these little towers with some purple frosting which made a wonderful activity and dessert.

And last but not least the Pascal piñata was a huge, may I say,  hit.

We had Tony holding the piñata up the whole time, he was very brave, since we couldn’t attach it to anything on the ceiling. In the end it took Ellie’s young uncle to smash open the piñata.