Reading Corner!

Finally after days of deciding on fabric and paint colors I have finished corner #1 of my girls room. Since my 5-year-old and 2-year-old already share this room and we are expecting another baby girl at the end of July, there isn’t much space to spare. So the next additions to the remaining corners of this room will be bunk beds and a crib. My girls love this “reading corner” and have decided that the birds painted on the tree represent the three of them (baby included:)


11 thoughts on “Reading Corner!

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  2. Hi Samantha, I LOVE this!!! I want to copy it in my living room as a reading corner for my kiddos! Is that OK with you? And if so, could you tell me what kind of paint you used for the tree (I’m not artistic but I can try… if I mess up I’ll just paint over it with regular wall paint 🙂

    Any tips?


    • I used pretty base-priced latex from a local store. Just a simple white and mustard. It took a few coats, I would recommend using something with primer in it if you don’t want to have to do coat after coat which does get tricky around the edges.
      Another thing that really pulled it all together was leaving a thicker edge of white outline on the farthest outer edge of each leaf. This gave a nice uniform look to the tree. Here is a website where I got the idea to do the leafs that way:

      Good luck!

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  4. Hi. I love this. You did a great job. I have recreated something like this and was wo during how you got your shelves flush w the wall and how they stay up. Thanks

    • Hi. Thanks:) I used drywall anchors to secure the shelves. I made my own shelves but I would recommend buying similar ones from Ikea, which have a lip along the front edge to keep books from slipping off, which ended up happening with ours quiet a bit.

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  6. I gave this a try and had so much doing it!! Had to do it a little differently and I free handed the tree. My version is much more colorful because the wall was already painted blue. I’ve pinned it on my account. Wanted to copy it here, but not sure how.

    Thank you for sharing your creativity and everyone else’s questions and tips helped!!

    Oh lastly I bought my shelves from target. IKEA doesn’t have the shelves wth the lip.

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