Planning a “Tangled” party

I made these fun invitations out of extra scrapbooking paper I had. They were really fun to make and consisted pretty much of different shades of yellow thread, a picture of Rapunzel’s tower that I printed off the internet, the scrapbooking paper and a burned CD that had a personalized verbal invitation from Ellie and Savanna that I recorded on garage band and a few tangled soundtrack songs.

There’s nothing like a little anticipation and a beautiful invitation to get little kids excited about a birthday party!
I also wanted to make a bunch of those cute tissue balls to hang from the ceiling at the birthday party. I found a few tutorials on line but took pictures as I went so that I could have a reference. Here is how I did it.

I started with 6 pieces of tissue paper. Normally a large hanging tissue ball would require 8 pieces of tissue paper or more depending on how big you want to make it, this one however is going to be a flower that sits flat on one side so I only used 6 pieces. I folded the paper length-wise back and forth at about 1 inch increments. Once the whole stack was folded, I stapled them together at the center and rounded the edges. This is where I would have stapled a long piece of string or ribbon if I had intended this tissue ball to be a hanging one. It doesn’t matter which way the string comes out from the center so long as it is long enough and attached well.

Next, I began to pull the tissue paper. I opened the folded paper into a fan shape and gently pulled back one layer at a time.After pulling all the paper up away from the other layers, I continued on to the other layers until one whole side of the fan-shape is separated. I then pulled the other end that I had been holding on to. the trick to getting the tissue nice and straight without any tears or crumpled spots is holding on to the ball at the right spot. I found a good place to hold hold was that the base where the staples are. This is what the flat-one-one-side tissue ball looks like finished. I made and arrangement of them for each table at the party. For a round hanging tissue ball the only difference is that half of the paper is pulled in the opposite direction to get the round shape and there is a string coming from the middle to hang it from. This is an example of a finished round hanging tissue ball. 


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