Banner and Piñata for the “Tangled” Rapunzel Party

I decided to make a banner to hang above the buffet table at Ellie’s party. I started by hand drawing different letters and then cut them out and glued them to different colors of paper. I then cut the paper to different sizes to give the banner some visual interest. Here is what I had before I hot-glued the letters to a long pink ribbon.“Happy 5th Birthday Ellie!”

I also wanted to make a piñata for Ellie and the other kids to enjoy. I decided to make the piñata into Pascal, the cute little chameleon who was Rapunzel’s friend in the movie Tangled.

So I started with a stack of news papers, and a paste made of one part flour and two parts water. I also added a little salt to the paste because I heard that it can begin to mold without it. I used a large inflated balloon to apply strips of pasted newspaper to and would let the one layer dry before flipping it and adding a layer to the bottom. I also attached a popsicle stick to the balloon with some take before i began the layering so that the string that the piñata would hang from was secure.

I made the head out of a folded plate that I slowly attached layer after layer of crumpled wads of newspaper to. I held it all together with lots of scotch tape and hot-glue. 

After getting the head attached to the body, which took a ton of hot glue, I also added a curled tail which I made out of wire that was wrapped with the pasted newspaper. This tail extended up pascal’s back to make the points that span his length. I also added legs that were made of wire and wrapped with newspaper. They were a trick to attach and required a lot of hot glue as well.

I made his two eye balls by molding two half spherical shapes in my daughters little plastic tea-cup toys. After they dried, I popped them out and painted them white with black and orange pupils. The final touch was covering the piñata with strips of green cray paper. (Pictures to come in tomorrow’s post.)


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