Kid’s Valentine’s Day

Because Tony is gone practically all day on Tuesdays at work and class, I focused most of the day on the kids. I expected a little more time to get stuff ready for the day but Ellie woke up early at 6:20 so we got the day started then. She is pictured here obviously right after she woke up haha) at the decorated table with lots of special little things on it from my mom.

We made these great heart-shaped crayons out of chopped up crayons. A word of advice is to use a knife to cut diagonally along the crayon paper so that it is easier to remove. Of corse starting with old crayons that might have already had the paper off would have been the best way to go. Another thing that I made sure of was to use brightly colored crayons so that once they were done they would be nice and pretty to look at.

The girls loved filling up the trays with the crayon pieces.

I put them in the oven at 230 degrees for 15 minutes.
They turned out great and kept the girls busy coloring for much longer than normal colors do!
And other than that the only big thing we did to celebrate the day other than lots of candy and valentines cards was this heart-shaped pepperoni pizza:D


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