Fun “fall theme” scrapbook layout

Here is another one from quite a while ago (fall of 2008) but I just had so much fun making this design that I had to share it! Back when we had only one child we were really just trying to establish some fall traditions that didn’t revolve around sugar over-loads, a really late night, or anything that was so creepy it made Ellie cry. In my opinion, Halloween isn’t the greatest holiday for little kids when done the “normal” way these days.

Yet, of all the seasons, my favorite is the slow, romantic, and dramatic autumn. For as long as I can remember, every time the leafs start turning colors, I have been overcome with this reflective outlook on life that practically forces me to slow down and notice the beauty in everything. The cool air provides relief from the heat of the summer and increases the enjoyment of slow deep breaths. In the fall the whole world suddenly reflects my favorite colors and even my wardrobe can change to something so cozy without the bulk of winter layers. Yes, I love autumn and yes, it is winter so I am unhappy about how long I have to wait till I can enjoy it again.

Anyways, this was a pretty simple design. I drew a tree, cut it out, and glued it on to the page. I sewed a bunch of little buttons with different colored thread giving them the appearance of being sewn onto the page but actually hot-glued them on. This saved me a lot of time in fact, because I didn’t have to hold the paper the whole while, which would have probably wrinkled it and taken a lot of maneuvering so that the buttons were where I wanted them. I always cut out the pictures to the size I want them and then use something round to trace the backside of the corners and then cut them off with scissors so they are rounded. I mostly do everything the more difficult way when I can save some money, but at least this way I can freely adjust the size and angle of the rounded corner without buying a whole new tool.

By the way, we do let Ellie (and now Savanna) trick-or-treat and I even occasionally splurge on some fun scrapbooking thing, what’s life without a little living on the wild side, right?


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