Reasons why I haven’t had time to blog till now:

I painted these two flags for a friend who has an assignment to release anointing and prayer by waving flags during worship. I agreed to make him two replicas of his original and these are my copies. They are painted the same front and back with acrylic paint and are roughly three and one half by four feet. For what ever reason I thought they would take me no time at all. They ended up taking me a few weeks. 

My family went on a ski trip. We weren’t gone long at all but when I am looking forward to and planning a trip like that I don’t get much else done let alone creative things. Trips have a way of wearing me out too, so I really didn’t get too much done directly afterwards either.
Then there was that little holiday called Christmas….no big deal. Well it actually came before the ski trip but the picture looked better down here. I sadly didn’t get as many pictures as I wanted during that time since I was in the process of getting a new camera (my first DSLR) so I guess I thought I would just wait on it.


So I guess it doesn’t really matter why I haven’t been blogging more but some place in my mind it makes sense to have a list of excuses. I guess this way I won’t look back and wonder what I was doing all this time…

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